4 Types of Wrinkles - What Causes Them and How To Treat Them

 | 11/09/20

Wrinkles are usually the first symptom of aging. Accepting your skin just the way it is will benefit you - both in terms of skincare, as well as self-care. However, you need to find out what works for you to master the best routine. We have collected information on kinds of wrinkles, so that nourishing aging skin will be easier.

Why do wrinkles appear?

The shortest answer is: they appear due to the aging of our skin. It’s a natural process no one will be able to fully stop - and yet you can slow it down by making a few simple changes.

The first most popular cause of wrinkles is your lifestyle. Smoking, drinking too much alcohol, and eating an unhealthy diet plays a huge role in the state of your skin. It doesn’t mean you have to avoid a glass of wine on a special occasion, but making your lifestyle a bit more healthy will give you visible results in the overall state of your skin or hair. Don’t forget that drinking the recommended 2-2,5 liters of water or herbal teas also makes a difference.

Another important factor to the state of your skin and the reason why your wrinkles deepen is exposure to the sun. 

The UV radiation dries out our skin and deepens the creases, but it is also pretty dangerous to any kind of moles you have on your body. Avoiding sun exposure will make a noticeable difference in the state of your skin as well.

But if different types of wrinkles exist, do you need to add any extra steps to your routine? You can easily prevent and slightly reduce wrinkles at their early stage. 

The key to success? As usual - awareness and knowledge. 

For a long time, we used to think that there were two types of wrinkles: static, the ones that appear solely because of aging of the skin and the fact that it loses its elasticity, and dynamic wrinkles, which appear because of facial movements such as smiling, puckering our lips and other mimic expressions.

However, thanks to scientific discoveries and extensive research, we now know that there are four main types of wrinkles. Here are the types, causes, and tips on how to treat them - so that you nourish your skin just the way it needs.


Expression lines

As the name suggests, these are the wrinkles caused by our facial expressions. They usually appear near your eyes, which is also known as “crows feet”. Another kind of expression wrinkles is called “the elevens” - the even lines in between your eyebrows.  

It’s worth mentioning that this kind of wrinkles is quite important to how other people perceive you. A study has shown that a person with crow's feet will be perceived as easy-going, approachable, and happy because creases around our eyes and lips tell people around us that we smile a lot. 

These kinds of wrinkles are unavoidable, however, you might prevent them from getting more visible and deeper. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in professional clinics - try simple and effective methods, such as face massages. A great way to prevent these kinds of wrinkles is adding moisture into your daily beauty routine, check out the Hydration and Regeneration by SKIN79 to get the best kind of products for yourself. 

Here are some examples of products, which you could implement into your skincare routine:


  • SKIN79 Jeju Aloe Aqua Face Emulsion - aloe vera is famous for its great moisturizing and soothing properties. This face emulsion will nourish your skin, and thanks to the light formula it’s perfect to use as a day cream.

  • SKIN79 Moisturizing and regenerating CERANOL+IN AMPOULE - ampoule is a highly concentrated product, a great one to use just before applying your cream. This ampoule contains ingredients such as sunflower oil or rosehip oil. Both are well known for their anti-aging properties, rosehip oil being an antioxidant as well.

  • SKIN79 Moisturizing Water Oil Moist Rose - which two ingredients could be more important to a well-nourished skin than water and oil? You can get the benefits of both of them in one product. Moisturizing Water Oil Moist Rose doesn’t leave an oily residue, and yet it allows your skin to be fully moisturized and prevents it from losing water content. 


Sleep wrinkles

Otherwise known as compression lines. They appear mostly because of sleeping on your side for many years repetitively, which „compresses” your skin, permanently forming a crease. You can prevent those by sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. These kinds of pillowcases are also useful because the material does not absorb as much product as regular cotton, letting your skin absorb most of the cream or oil instead.


Gravitational folds

Another kind of wrinkles which we are unable to avoid completely. They appear because our skin loses its elasticity, as the elastin and collagen break down. It’s worth mentioning that our skin consists of three layers: epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. The elastin and collagen can be found in the dermis layer, where the cell bonds break down gradually, as we get older. Creased dermis layer causes the outer, epidermis layer to crinkle and fold as well. 

Our skin also loses some percentage of fat, which causes it to “fall”, as if being pulled down by gravitation.


Elastotic wrinkles

Otherwise known as the sun-damage wrinkles. As we have mentioned before, sun can severely damage your skin in the long run, drying it out and making the wrinkles deeper and more pronounced. You can prevent those by using sunscreen, pick one with at least 30 SPF, or more. Remember to use it daily: even if the sky seems grey, the UV radiation can still affect our health. Your skin will thank you for taking this precaution. 

Want to know more about sun protection? We’ve got you covered - take a look at the UV Protection blog post.


Wrinkles are usually one of the first signs of the skin aging process. Remember that a solid beauty routine will help prevent or lessen the wrinkles, but skincare can also be a great way to relax. And this is what we at SKIN79 are here for: to provide you with ways for you to feel good in your skin and enjoy your life even more.