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Do You Also Think That Skin-Aging Starts After You Hit 30?

 | 11/09/20

It’s a common misconception: that there is a universal point, a moment in our life, when the wrinkles appear and all of a sudden we have to stock up on anti-aging products. The truth, however, is a little bit more complex - the skin-aging process is long and gradual. That is why we have to take care of our skin and introduce anti-aging products to the skin-care routine mindfully as well. Get friendly with anti-aging products and their nourishing properties.

When Does Our Skin Start Aging?

Anti-aging skin-care may seem like a scary concept - products, which are going to take over our beauty routine once we’re thirty years old. However, your skin starts to slowly age since you’re about twenty to twenty-five years old. 

It is a natural process that everyone goes through - knowing what your skin’s needs and honoring them with the right products will provide the nourishment necessary for the successful anti-aging routine.

So if you’re expecting your young and glowing skin to change into wrinkled one in a snap of fingers, forget about it. There is no magical moment when our skin starts aging.

And it’s good news - because you can take care of it properly and mindfully, along the gradual process of aging.

We cannot get rid of wrinkles completely. We can, however, nourish our skin and slow down the aging process, so that wrinkles appear in places they are supposed to be, and so that our skin does not look older than it actually is. 


What Makes Your Skin Look Older Than It Is?

There are several factors that impact the process of skin-aging, and could make your skin look older and deepen the wrinkles:

Photoaging - which is simply skin-damage done by the UV radiation, the UVA, and UVB rays. Lack of sun protection could have a terrible effect on our skin. It deepens the wrinkles but is also potentially dangerous to our health - the exposure to UV radiation is associated with skin cancer. Especially if you have any skin moles, you should be mindful of the time spent out in the sun. Sun-protection is the key, and thanks to the high-quality sunscreens, you can enjoy sunny days without worrying about the state of your skin. 

Lack of moisture - which could also be an outcome of photoaging, because exposed to sun rays dries out our skin. Moisture loss could result in losing skin elasticity, which deepens the wrinkles as well. 

Aside from losing moisture, dried-out skin lacks the necessary amount of fat. As we age, the collagen and elastin in our skin break down, causing the outer layer of our skin, the epidermis, to crease and wrinkle. Dry skin tends to crease more. It is also possible that with dry skin the expression lines on our skin will become permanent sooner for longer. 

Drying anti-acne products - it’s a common misconception as well, that oily skin needs to be treated with drying ingredients. The logic behind this is that if your skin is too oily, the right thing to do is getting rid of the extra oils by removing them with harsh ingredients. 

Popular anti-acne treatments often contain the “bad” alcohol like isopropyl alcohol or any other rubbing alcohol. It is way too harsh, and it may dry out that one pimple you have on your skin, but it will also dry out the rest of it. 

And skin which is too dry eventually produces more oil - because it is a natural way of creating a protective hydrolipidic layer, which will prevent loss of moisture and elasticity. In the end, with harsh anti-acne treatments, we could achieve the very effect we are trying to avoid using products like that, perpetuating acne. 


What Can You Do About It?

Now, that you know the common causes of skin-aging, it’s time to use your knowledge and care for your skin the way it needs:


Use sun protection - sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine. Properly chosen sunscreen will not damage your make-up - in fact, it could be a great makeup base as well. Just pick one according to the needs of your skin. 

You will find sunscreens with a lighter formula for oily skin, or heavier, more moisturizing sunscreens for dry skin - to each their own. Remember to use waterproof sunscreen like SKIN79 Protective Cream Waterproof Sun Gel when you’re having fun at the beach or by the pool.

Moisturise - there are many ways to successfully implement moisture into your routine. You could use moisturizing serums and ampoules like SKIN79 Moisturizing and regenerating CERANOL+IN AMPOULE, to amp up the impact of your creams. Moisturizing cream in itself is also a great idea - a daily, basic product, the foundation of your routine. If you need a moisturizing boost, pick a sheet mask like SKIN79 Seoul Beauty Mask Moisturizing Care, and give your skin the kick of extra moisture it needs.

Gentle acne treatment - such as cleansing sheet mask, like SKIN79 Rice Bubble Cleansing Mask. It will remove oily residue and cleanse your pores without drying out your skin. 

To prevent breaking out, use toners with PHA and BHA acids, like Aloe BHA Skin Toner. They will help to minimize pores and exfoliate dead skin cells, they could also brighten your skin. And as for removing the dead skin cells - remember to use a good exfoliator every few days, or at least once a week. Not only will it help with cleansing the skin, but it will prepare it to absorb all of the moisturizing products better as well.

These are the basics of implementing anti-aging methods into your routine. We at SKIN79 will give you more tips and knowledge about beauty routines in our future posts. To find out more about various aspects of skin-care, follow our blog! We will be happy to guide you through the beauty world.