Shine A Little Brighter, Be Like Asian Women

 | 11/09/20

Skin brightening seemed like a past concept. After all, right now most of us want to practice self-awareness about skincare and overall self-care. But what if we told you, there is a new approach to brightening products, which will not damage your skin and allow you to feel beautiful just as you are? 


Forget The Whitening, Start Nourishing

Skin-brightening is not skin-whitening anymore. Just a few decades back the ideal skin was bright and pale, and many women wanted to achieve it with harsh whitening products. The ideal beauty standards set unachievable goals for many people, and could even potentially be dangerous to one’s health. Thankfully, the process of wanting to whiten the skin is less and less popular, because today more and more women become self-aware in terms of self-care and skin-care. 


We at SKIN79 also want you to enjoy skin-care and be proud of your own unique beauty healthily and safely. This is why we offer products that can brighten your skin to give it a healthy glow - and it’s all due to evening out the tone of your skin to its natural state, preventing blemishes, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. It is also worth mentioning that there is no natural ingredient out there, which would transform a dark-skinned person into a light-skinned person. Every product that promises to achieve that effect, is based on chemical, harsh ingredients that are not safe for your health.


What is available though, is the natural ingredients that will allow you to get something much better - your own skin, brightened into a healthy glow, smooth, nourished, and beautiful just as it is. If you’re inspired by Asian women and their healthy-looking skin, our brightening products might be just the thing for you.


The Power Of Natural Ingredients

Why do we get darker spots on our skin? The process of hyperpigmentation occurs when our skin cells produce more pigment, called melanin than the skin on other areas of our face or body. 

You could get patches of uneven skin color with grey undertones. Some of the most common causes of hyperpigmentation are acne, UV radiation, or hormonal changes.

There are a few ingredients, which have the power to brighten your skin and help you deal with hyperpigmentation to get rid of the dark spots. Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • Vitamin C - it is extremely helpful in brightening the skin. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant. Not only does it brighten the skin, but it makes it much smoother as well. This is due to the fact that vitamin C stimulates the skin to produce new skin cells and heal faster than it would on its own pace. Vitamin C is an acidic ingredient, which is the key to stimulating the skin to heal. Most often, we can find vitamin C in serums or ampoules.

  • BHA/PHA/AHA Acids - similar to Vitamin C, the acidic nature of these acids stimulates skin cells to heal and produce new skin cells. The acids are often used in exfoliators, as they are a great way to gradually get rid of dead skin cells, and stimulate the skin to produce new skin cells at once. These kinds of ingredients often help with reducing acne.


Prevent Your Skin From Hyperpigmentation

However, they are not the only thing that will help to brighten your skin. Products containing acids usually are used as a treatment for hyperpigmentation and tired-looking skin, but what is just as important is prevention. 

The most important factor in preventing hyperpigmentation is the use of sunscreens. Sunshine might make your skin get a nice, golden tone, but the UVA and UVB radiation might seriously damage it as well. It will most likely cause deepening of the wrinkles, leave darker spots on your skin, prolong acne scars. 

This is why sunscreens are your friend - you should use them daily and protect your skin from the UV radiation. They are also necessary, if you are using products with BHA/AHA/PHA acids or vitamin C. These kinds of ingredients, without sun protection, could cause an opposite effect - leaving more spots with an uneven tone and irregular pigmentation. An extra benefit is locking in the moisture: if you have dry skin, sunscreens will prevent it from drying out even further. 


Choose Your Brightening Products

There is a variety of effective, natural products to choose from:

  • Benton PHA Peeling Gel - a perfect exfoliator. It will help remove dead skin cells, reduce the dark spots, and get your skin fresh and ready to absorb all of the good stuff from serums, creams, and oils. 

  • Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence - it contains snail mucin, bee venom, and niacinamide, which are all famous for their brightening, smoothing, and soothing properties. It will help to rejuvenate your skin and reduce hyperpigmentation.

  • SKIN79 Selfie Mask Brightening - it is a great choice for everyone who wants to add a brightening product as an extra step to their routine, instead of using it daily. The Selfie Mask Brightening is highly concentrated and will leave your skin looking glowy and feel nourished. It contains niacinamide and a vitamin complex as well. 

  • SKIN79 Protective Cream Waterproof Sun Gel - a necessary addition to your beauty routine. This sunscreen is water-resistant, so you can be sure that it will protect your skin even during a long, fun day at the beach or by the pool. SPF50 gives effective protection. You don’t have to worry about make-up - this sunscreen is a great make-up base as well.


SKIN79 products received the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Certificate. It is given by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and it confirms the ingredients of the products are safe for use, work effectively, and are of high quality.


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