You Have to Know These Quick Beauty Hacks

 | 28/09/20

This day and age we’re all busy most of the time. Running daily errands, trying to marry work and time off, taking care of our family - all of this takes time and energy. This is why we all deserve a little treat and should be able to have some beauty time to ourselves. Unfortunately, a lot of people think that the multistep Asian beauty routine is time-consuming, and not suitable for their needs - if they’re very busy. Here are some quick hacks on how to implement the Asian beauty routine in almost no time.

Multitasking - The Key to Success in Quick Beauty Routine

And we don’t mean doing a face massage while also feeding your baby, and finishing off the latest project for work at once. To multitask in the beauty world, you don’t need to plan ahead a lot - a few minutes every day is enough. 

Does the Asian routine have to be a multistep one, with many products included? It could be so. But that doesn't mean it’s unavailable to anyone, who has less beauty time to themselves than 20 minutes a day. 

The 10 steps of the Korean beauty routine are interchangeable, you can switch the order and mix them up as you wish - because the magic to Korean beauty routine is the fact that you can fit it to your individual needs. We know that your life is busy and full of everyday responsibilities, but to properly multitask you only need a few seconds. 

Here are some of our recommendations on quick beauty hacks:

  • Do your face masks while cleaning or working from home - we recommend using sheet masks. They are soaked in the liquid with all the active ingredients, which is why a sheet mask clings tightly to your skin. Not only does the skin absorb it better, but the mask also does not fall from your face, if you’re doing your daily chores whilst wearing it. The only thing you have to do is take it off after 15 minutes or so and gently pat the rest of the liquid into your skin. You can choose from a wide variety of sheet masks: cleansing, brightening, moisturizing or nourishing ones, and many more. If you feel like your skin is tired and starting to lose its elasticity, pick the SKIN79 Selfie Mask Firming 2 STEP. For extra moisture, we recommend the SKIN79 Seoul Beauty Mask Moisturizing Care with Damask Rose and Lotus Flower extract. And if you feel like after a long day of wearing make-up your skin could use some cleansing mask, SKIN79 Cleansing Animal Mask with green tea hydrolate will do just fine. 
  • Use your time in the shower - we often tend to think that each step of the beauty routine is to be done separately. However, you can not only use beauty products when doing chores, but you can also speed up the process during a quick shower. It is a great occasion to use your exfoliator. After you’ve cleaned your make-up with an oil-based and water-based products, apply your exfoliator. The steam will open up the pores on your skin, so it absorbs the product better - it’s going to turn out great with toner exfoliator such as SKIN79 CERANOL+IN Peeling Toner with AHA acids. This means that an exfoliator will work even better, and meanwhile, you can just go on about your shower as usual. And the only thing you need to do a regular peeling is to apply a proper amount of the product, lightly massage your face with it for a few seconds, and rinse it off. Could it be any easier? Try it with SKIN79 Peel Free Grain Mild Peeling Gel

  • Use the products overnight - got no time to do any part of the beauty routine during the day? Use your time overnight. A thick layer of your night cream or a thinner layer of your favorite moisturizing or nourishing cream mask will do the job. SKIN79 Moisturizing Rose Waterfull Mask will be a great choice. It exfoliates dead skin cells thanks to the AHA acids, and the content of rose water helps to moisturize, soothe, and brighten your skin. It all works just fine when you’re sleeping.

  • Give your eyes a rest in the morning - you can easily boost up the moisture in the area of the sensitive skin around your eyes. The only thing you have to do is to use eye gel patches under your eyes, while you sip your first cup of favorite coffee in the morning. We recommend keeping the patches in the fridge - the coldness will help to soothe your skin after night, and prep it for the make-up you are about to apply later on. It is also a great base for your daily eye cream. SKIN79 Golden Snail Intensive Essence Gel Eye contains gold and snail mucin, which have soothing, anti-aging properties. Remember, that moisturized skin around your eyes will not wrinkle as fast if nourished properly. With these patches, you can give it the moisture it needs with zero effort and in no time.



And it does not end on skin-care, you can apply this rule to make-up as well. Use a Korean BB cream and cherish a healthy, glowing skin, where the pimples and discoloration are fully covered, and you don’t even have to spend a lot of time applying your make-up. It will not smudge or leave patches of color. BB creams were made for quick application with your fingers only, and they are a great product for anyone who is in a rush but wants to look put together. 

Want to know more about the secrets of Asian skin-care? Follow our blog for more knowledge and useful tips. We at SKIN79 are here to help you with all your skin-care questions.