In order to effectively get rid of dirt, dust, sebum, free radicals, dead skin and makeup residues, an extremely important element of skin care is PURIFYING. According to Korean care, the treatment consists of three stages:

STAGE 1. Wash the make-up from your eyes and mouth, flakes with micellar liquid apply to the eyelids and lips. But remember, wait a few seconds and do not rub. The cosmetic must have time to dissolve the colorful specifics. You can also pre-wash the face with a separate flake.

STAGE 2. The next step is washing oil. Spread it by gently massaging the skin along the facial muscles and then add water. The oil will turn into an emulsion that will remove sebum, dead cells and bacteria. Rinse with warm water and gently dry the skin.

STAGE 3. Time for cleansing the face of remnants of essential oil with a water-based cosmetic - gel, mousse or foam. Rinse with warm water and gently dry the skin.

Do not forget about BATTLE recommended twice a week! Peeling will effectively get rid of dead skin and free radicals responsible for cell aging.

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