BENTON Aloe Real Cool Soothing Gel 300ml

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For all skin types

Natural product


Aloe Real Cool Soothing Gel contains 93% of Aloe Barbadensis leaf extracts, which deeply moisturizes and soothes dry skin. It is light and quickly penetrates into the skin, so it can immediately soothe and cool irritated skin, it can be applied to both the face and other parts of the body that require soothing effects. Aloe extracts stimulate cell growth and tissue regeneration, favorably affect their water management, and also have antiseptic effects to relieve pain, swelling and itching in a wounded area. Aloe also softens the skin, disinfects pimples, accelerates healing and reduces the risk of scars remaining, and also cleanses blackheads. It also has a positive effect on microcirculation, thus helping to provide cells with the optimal amount of oxygen and nutrients, thanks to which they have a stronger and deeper effect on our skin. The gel provides refreshing effect, and our dry and irritated skin will receive maximum relief. Aloe is also an excellent hair conditioner, applied to the scalp, accelerates hair growth, and when applied to hair, it allows you to moisturize and nourish it with vitamins and minerals, as well as close their cuticles, strengthening them and protecting them from excessive drying and splitting. Aloe also works as a natural nail conditioner, primarily strengthens and smoothes them and prevents them from splitting.

Face and body: Spread the gel on the face or body of your choice and let it absorb.
Hair: Massage into the scalp and let it absorb, then wash the hair with shampoo or spread a small amount over the entire length of the hair and allow it to absorb.
Nails: Massage a small amount of gel into the nail plate and let it absorb.

Capacity: 300ml


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