KUNDAL Macadamia Ultra Serum English Rose 100ml

  • Code: KU031
  • Manufacturer: Kundal
  • EAN: 8809568740876
  • Availability: Small
(€7.80 per 100ml)


Macadamia Ultra Serum English Rose for hair, contains natural extracts from macadamia, argan, coconut and avocado oil, which contribute to deep penetration into the hair structure. The serum provides proper protection against external influences and prevents drying, gives hair elasticity and smoothness, and leaves it soft and shiny. The original technology has allowed the incorporation of nutrients with a high degree of concentration into the composition, so that the product is absorbed and begins to work immediately after applying it to the hair. The serum perfectly affects the condition of the hair, nourishes, cares for, moisturizes and significantly combs tangled ends. Significantly strengthens the hair structure and prevents split ends.

Hair serum is applied to dry hair before styling or to wet strands immediately after washing.

Capacity: 100ml


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