SKIN79 AragoSpa Aqua Toner 180ml

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SKIN79 AragoSpa Aqua Toner 180 ml
AragoSpa Aqua is a line based on thermal water from the hot volcanic sources of Jeju Island. The thermal baths are located in the luxurious hotel PODO HOTEL, and due to the unique geological base water (18.041mg in the cosmetic) has unique features here. The complex of volcanic minerals is a real detox for the complexion.
This line is designed not only to moisturize the skin but also to keep the moistness in the deepest layers of the skin. To create such a moisturizing barrier it is necessary to combine all stages of the AragoSpa Aqua series. Until now, only guests of the hotel could enjoy the beneficial effects of the hot springs of Jeju island, from now on, those who opt for a comprehensive face care with a new series of Skin79 are able to feel it as well. The skin will love this luxury.
AragoSpa Aqua Toner balances the pH of the skin and prepares it for further care stages. The hydrolate from apple fruit contained in the cosmetic contains polyphenols and natural organic acids, thanks to which the skin becomes lightened, smoothed and moisturized. Phenolic compounds and vitamin C is responsible for the antioxidant effect. Gently soothes and refreshes the skin. It has a pleasant, fresh fragrance.

Apply the product to a cotton pad or directly on your hands and spread evenly over the entire face, then gently pat with your fingertips until completely absorbed.

Capacity: 180ml





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