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Skin79 SKIN79 AragoSpa Foaming Cleanser 150ml
€9.26 per 100ml
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  • Code: SK390
  • Manufacturer: Skin79
  • EAN: 8809393401584

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Product information

Mild foam Aragospa Foaming Cleanser for daily facial skin care based on thermal water enriched with aragonite is a product composition that successively eliminates irritation and redness and noticeably heals the skin. Perfectly cleanses pores, gently removes impurities and effectively regulates the sebaceous glands and eliminates overproduction of sebum. Hyaluronic acid contained nourishes and moisturizes dry and tired skin, eliminating the feeling of dryness and filling with life-giving moisture necessary to maintain flexibility. These valuable nutrients, which are part of the cleansing foam, deeply penetrate the dermis, moisturize, heal, regenerate the skin and restore its elasticity, and the complex of minerals of volcanic origin is a real detox for our skin. Use of Aragospa Foaming Cleanser prevents wrinkles and premature skin aging. Recommended especially for sensitive and problematic skin.

Apply a small amount to wet face and spread evenly. Perform a circular massage of the face to remove contaminants, then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Capacity: 150ml