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Skin79 SKIN79 Cica Pine Calming Wash Off Pack 120g
€19.13 per 100g
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  • Code: SK411
  • Manufacturer: Skin79
  • EAN: 8809393405315

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Product information

A specially developed gel-like mask containing dried pieces of Centella Asiatica stalk which contributes to intensive skin regeneration and significantly improves its appearance. The content of pine leaves, gardenia and green tea extracts optimizes and balances the problematic skin, effectively restores its proper hydration and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Systematically used, it has a positive effect on the reduction of imperfections, alignment of the color and controls excesive sebum production. The formula based on a mixture of acids obtained from Centella Asiatica is responsible for rejuvenating properties by stimulating cells to produce collagen and improving microcirculation. As a result, the skin becomes firmer, more elastic and smoother. The unique texture of the mask spreads easily on the skin and does not sets, and after application the skin is full of vitality and the face contour is significantly improved.

Way of use:

Spread the mask evenly on cleansed skin. After 15-20 minutes, give a short massage and then wash off the left over product with lukewarm water.

Capacity: 120g