SKIN79 Under-eye cream Golden Snail Intensive EYE CREAM 35g

  • Code: SK031
  • Manufacturer: Skin79
  • EAN: 8809393400761
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($106.63 per 100g)



SKIN79 Golden Snail Intensive EYE CREAM
Skin79 Golden Snail is a completely new, luxurious anti-aging line for women who need strong regeneration, visible effects and maximum comfort while using the product. The three base ingredients of all cosmetics from the Golden Snail line are the highest quality filtrate from the golden snail, which has regenerating, rejuvenating, smoothing, soothing and moisturizing properties. It is very effective in fighting imperfections. It slows down the aging process, supports the treatment of wounds and scars. In addition, we find here the extract of red Korean ginseng, which smoothes the skin and adds vitality. It has renewing and regenerative properties. It is rich in vitamins, microelements and organic acids. It works strongly rejuvenating. 24 carat gold has an anti-wrinkle and brightening effect. A nourishing and moisturizing under-eye cream for dry, irritated and dehydrated skin. The high content of niacin stimulates the production of ceramides and precursors of ingredients responsible for maintaining adequate hydration of the skin, for example keratin. The skin becomes more dense, elastic, brighter (niacin helps in the fight against discoloration). Adenosine relaxes the muscles, reducing mimic wrinkles and preventing new ones.

Apply the cream to cleansed skin around the eyes by gently patting with your fingertips towards the inner corner of the eye.

Capacity: 35ml



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