Skin79 Moisturising and regenerative CERANOL+IN Cream 75 ml

Skin79 Moisturising and regenerative CERANOL+IN Cream 75 ml

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CERANOL+IN Cream Moisturizing & Skin Barrier Care it is richly moisturising cream for everyday regeneration dry and sensitive skin without irritation and greasiness. Ensure long-term moisture and sustainable water and sebum content in skin. Restores natural balance, fresh and soothes. In result skin is soft end flexible. Composition includes orginal, patented ingridient CERANOLIN +, it is unique connection ceramide, panthenol and other beneficial substances which stenghten skin protective barrier. Helps overcome irritation of sensitive skin and is anti-inflammatory and regenerative. Recipe contains naturlal organic substances without harmful ingredients. Cream is easily and deeply absorbed. Specially developed consistency and high concentration of beneficial substances ensure maximum effectiveness. Cream has a naturally delicate floral aroma and is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry and sensitive.

Apply a small amount cream on face and gently spread, then pat with your fingertips until completely absorbed.

Capacity: 75 ml

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