SKIN79 Natural Snail Mucus Essence 75ml

SKIN79 Natural Snail Mucus Essence 75ml

Code: 335 Manufacturer: Skin79 Barcode: 8809393404516
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Natural Snail Mucus Essence contains collagen and an abundant moisturizing complex such as 5 types of hyaluronic acid and ceramide, as well as snail secretion filtrate, which helps to make the skin more elastic and soft. Contained collagen rebuilds damaged skin cells of the face, restoring its intense smoothness and normalizes sebum secretion and oily face. The filtrate from snail secretions slows the skin aging process, and hyaluronic acid and ceramides are the source of real youth. The essence reduces the visibility of fine wrinkles and intensively moisturizes, thanks to which the skin maintains its elasticity, softness and radiant appearance.

Apply the right amount on your face, then gently pat until completely absorbed.

Capacity: 75ml

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