SKIN79 Real Fruit Soothing Gel Citrus 300g

SKIN79 Real Fruit Soothing Gel Citrus 300g

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Real Fruit Soothing Gel Citrus contains 47.5% of orange extracts and 47.5% of lemon extracts, due to gel refreshes the skin and has an astringent effect, improves skin elasticity, strengthens it and reduces spots and discoloration. Vitamin C contained in citrus vigorously affects collagen synthesis and accelerates wound healing, removes free radicals by inhibiting tissue aging, causing the skin to be refreshed, smoothed, and its color and condition are also improved. Gel also contains lavender oil and active substances such as herbal extracts that effectively reduce subcutaneous fat, which is the main cause of cellulite. That is why Real Fruit Soothing Gel Citrus is perfect as a daily preparation for your body care. The gel provides pleasure and relaxation for the body and senses, leaving a fresh delicate scent of juicy citrus. Regular use will repay you with extremely moisturized, beautiful, smooth and radiant skin.

enlightened To enhance the effect of deep refreshment and relief, it is recommended to cool the gel in the fridge an hour before use.

Spread evenly on the face or on a selected body surface, gently massage and leave to absorb.

Capacity: 300g

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