SKIN79 The Oriental Gold Glow BB Cream 35g

  • Code: SK289
  • Manufacturer: Skin79
  • EAN: 8809393404240
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(€55.97 per 100g)


Not tested on animals


The new versatile formula of BB cream with pink undertones and a light shade. This luxury BB cream is rich in nutrients coming from oriental tea and gold that leave the skin hydrated, soft and refreshed. The BB cream contains oil and shimmering powder with a high-refractive index so the skin is more radiant, elegant and beautiful. Contained green tea rejuvenates the skin, inhibits the grow of free radicals, soothes irritations, smooths and protects against bacteria. Included gold stimulates collagen synthesis and reduces oxidative stress. It also responsible for tissue reconstruction and delaying wrinkle formation. Due to its delicate consistency, the light, easily spread cream adheres perfectly to the skin and creates a thin, non-greasy film that evenly smooths and softens the skin. The designed package with a practical pump for easier dosing. It is perfect for every woman.

The cream can be applied in two ways:
1. With your fingertips (gives the effect of light, natural coverage)
2. Sponge (gives the effect of full coverage).

Capacity: 35 g


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