SKIN79 The Oriental Gold Moist Sun BB Pact 10g

SKIN79 The Oriental Gold Moist Sun BB Pact 10g

Code: 290 Manufacturer: Skin79 Barcode: 8809393404264
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The Oriental Gold Moist Sun BB Pact SPF50+ PA+++ is an exclusive BB powder in compact with UV protection, which evens out skin tone, moisturizes, adds radiance, smoothness and silkiness, as well as protects the skin against sunlight and harmful external factors. It has a universal light shade with pink undertones, which creates a delicate, natural coating thanks to which it adapts to the color of your skin without causing a mask effect. It contains many nutrients such as oriental tea extract, which has rejuvenating properties, inhibits the development of free radicals that are involved in the aging process of cells, in addition, cosmetics with tea extract soothe irritated skin, smooth it and protect against bacteria. Contained gold is responsible for stimulating mechanisms in the skin, and thus stimulating collagen synthesis, reducing oxidative stress, tissue reconstruction and delaying wrinkles, thanks to which our skin will gain firmness and radiant glow.

Nanieść na twarz za pomocą gąbeczki delikatnie wklepując jako ostatni krok makijażu.

Pojemność: 10g

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